Southwest Education Support Service Center was constructed in the year 2004 just south of Caruthers, CA. The service center is home to Southwest Transportation Agency J.P.A. and South County Support Service J.P.A.; formed by our 5 member districts, Alvina, Caruthers, Laton, Monroe, and Riverdale School Districts. We are a non-profit agency which provides various services to school districts at reduced costs sometimes saving our districts hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although we are owned by 5 districts, we service over 13 of the south valley's educational institutions. We are governed by the California Department of Education and are classified as a K-12 education institution.




Our Board of Directors

Mike Iribarren Alvina Charter School (559) 864-9411
Orin Hirschkorn Caruthers Unified (559) 495-6400
Dennis Divine Caruthers Unified  
Larry Audet, PhD Laton Unified (559) 922-4015
Reatha Martinez Laton Unified (559) 922-4015
Shelley Manser    Monroe Elementary (559) 834-2895
Jeff Percell   Riverdale Unified (559) 867-8200
Dan Conway Riverdale Unified  



Agency Members

Agency Associated Members



Board of Directors Meetings

Meetings of the Board of Directors will take place on the first Wednesday of the month, unless otherwise noted.

Board Meeting Agenda -  VIEW PDF's

Southwest Transportation Agency Board Agenda

South County Support Services Agency Board Agenda


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